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We move you!

As the Leupold Group, consisting of Spedition Leupold GmbH, Leupold Logistik & Service GmbH as well as Leupold Spedition-Logistik GmbH, we offer businesses from all branches innovative and individual forwarding and logistics solutions for palletised goods. With this, we serve customers from North Bavaria, South Thuringia as well as South Saxony, both regionally and on international territory.

Our medium-sized family company, owner-operated already in its fifth generation, and with its head office in Oberkotzau, has stood for more than 100 years for excellent quality and reliability. This we guarantee in that we have an appreciative approach to our customer and also to our team, take needs seriously and pursue a perpetually futuristic and innovative idea.

Customer orientation

Leupold – that means innovative and individual logistics. In a word: Customer orientation in its most effective form. Here, for us the customer is always at the focal point and thus it is our aspiration, to implement orders reliably. What is special with this: The excellent quality of all our services as well as our deep-seated know-how, makes us into the sought-after specialist in the transport and logistics business.


Leupold – that means reliability in all points. With us it is not only our customers’ goods being safely on the way, it is also the meeting of firmly made deadlines as well as the availability of storage areas and transport capacities that play an extremely important role for us. And apropos of nothing, for all our members of staff we are an employer who thinks in the long-term and, furthermore, are a reliable company for the Oberfranken business location.


Leupold – that means deep-seated experience of everything about the transport and logistics branch. Already operated for over 100 years and in the fifth generation, the quality of our services persists – a tradition, which characterises our daily reasoning and actions. This shows itself especially in the extraordinary competence of our team as it also does through our modern and efficient vehicle fleet.


Leupold – that means sustainability and future orientation. Our vehicle fleet, assured through Euro 6 technology, and our employees are always up-to-date when it comes to economical driving. And because our environment is important for us we are environmentally and energetically certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. The continuous and excellent training of our young trainees in six different careers, moreover guarantees a sustainable, competent team according to our own high business standards.

Eingehen auf Kundenanforderungen

You like challenges? Well, so do we!
We are aware of the needs of our customers and of the market – because the acceptance and understanding of complex requirements determine our daily work. In doing so, we handle every complex problem no matter how hard, and through this, give our customers precisely the security that they would wish from a strong partner.

Speditions- und Logistiklösungen aus einer Hand

You want everything from one source? For us, no problem!
We combine deep-seated knowhow from the fields of transport and logistics and, with this, combine two branches which, closely dovetailed, hold the fitting solution for every problem. Through the efficient solutions resulting from this we clearly distance ourselves with respect to other forwarding and logistics companies.


You supply the whole world? We are globally networked!
Many of our customers require transport services which stretch far beyond the borders of Germany. No problem for us because we also move over international territory and, as partner of DHL-Freight, can provide comprehensive service and transport benefits.


You seek quality? With us you will strike gold!
Already for over 100 years our prime requirement has been the adherence to the quality of our work. This means for us, making clear agreements, adhering to deadlines, and making available qualitatively high-class forwarding and logistics services. Through this, we are the strong partner, who demonstrates this through smooth processes and utmost reliability.


You are something special? We offer special solutions!
Stagnation is not for us – we are modern, always on the move and find the fitting strategic solution through our innovative mind-set for every requirement, no matter how complex. With us, there is no off-the-hook forwarding and logistics portfolio – all our customers are served individually, precisely and according to the latest state-of- the-art.


You gaze into the future? We’ll join in!
As we still want to be the strong partner for our customers for some time to come, we are investing continuously in our future. This means: Our company is adapting itself consistently to the requirements and needs of time and the market, and thus we are always moving at the tip of the transport and logistics branch.

For over 100 years, family-run in the fifth generation, Leupold delivers innovative and individual customer solutions with the best quality in the field of forwarding and logistics.